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Products :: Specialty Polymers :: EMAC+® and EBAC+® Blocked Copolymers EMAC+® and EBAC+® Blocked Copolymers Product Attributes Westlake Chemical Company manufactures EMAC+® and EBAC+® blocked copolymers that offer improved adhesion and compatibility over conventional ethylene methyl acrylate copolymers using patented high-pressure reactor technology. Although EMAC® resins is already highly compatible and offers excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, the plus polymer technology enhances these performance characteristics. EMAC+® copolymers can be used in film, co-extrusions, blends, coatings, laminations, polymer modifications, and molding applications. The “+” grades exhibit higher melting points than equivalent non-plus grades if the applications demands a higher service temperature. The enhanced polarity of the “+” grades allows for additional compatibility in polymer alloys. They also offer better clarity in blends and improved processing. Physical properties such as low-temperature impact strength and flexibility in PET, PP, and nylon systems may be enhanced by using EMAC+® resin as a modifier. Plus grades also exhibit a higher COF or “surface tack” for nonskid or high-grip surfaces.
EMAC+® Acrylate Resins
Grade  Acrylate %  MI  Density  Data Sheet   SDS Application
SP1305 20.0 MA+ 2.0 0.942    Extrusion coating, tie layer, and compounding
SP1330 22.0 MA+ 2.0 0.946    Co-extrusion, tie-layer,and blending
SP1358 21.5 MA+ 2.6 0.940    Blown film and injection molding
SP1307 20.0 MA+ 6.0 0.942    Co-extrusion, tie layers, coatings, and laminations
SP1501 20.0 MA+ 25.0 0.941    Extrusion coating, compounding, hot melt adhesives, compatibilizer, concentrate base
EBAC+® Acrylate Resins
Grade  Acrylate %  MI  Density  Data Sheet    SDS Application
SP1903 18.0 BA+ 0.5    0.927    Blown film, compounding, tie-layer, and co-extrusion
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