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Specialty Polymers Low Density Linear Low Density
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Products :: Specialty Polymers :: EMAC® and EBAC® Acrylate Resins EMAC® and EBAC® Acrylate Resins Product Attributes
  • Are soft, pliable, and tough at ambient and freezing temperatures and exhibit excellent ESCR and high CoF. These properties provide unique advantages in:
    • Films with excellent toughness, drapability for gloves, quiet film wraps, and heavy-wall films for special medical uses.
    • Injection molded articles such as squeeze bottles and bellows
    • Extrusion profiles such as tubing, squeeze tubes, and flexible hose components
    • Nonskid and high CoF applications
  • Exhibit high-solids fillability and compatibility with a wide range of polymers. This facilitates their use as bases for all-purpose concentrates for addition to a wide spectrum of polymers.
  • Processes like LDPE. Broad processing range of 165 – 330 C (325 – 620 F) that is excellent for viscosity matching in coextruded films, coatings, sheeting, and molded structures. No special equipment or processing conditions are required. Noncorrosive to extrusion equipment. Excellent drawdown for thin films. Low neck-in for extrusion coating and laminating versatility.
  • The high filler acceptance of EMAC® and EBAC® resins makes possible the processing of high additive concentration compounds.
  • Adhesion to many substrates such as: polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene and OPP.
  • Broad Chemical Resistance
  • Elastic Properties
  • Resistance to fatigue and crazing
  • Adhere to and are compatible with a wide range of materials including paper, polyolefins, oriented polyolefins, polyesters, Ionomers, PVdC, un-plasticized PVC, and other polar polymers.
  • For use as a heat-seal layer, adhesive layer, or modifier for cost/performance enhancement.
EMAC® Acrylate Resins
Grade  Acrylate %  MI  Density   Data Sheet   SDS  Application
SP2202 21.0 MA 0.45 0.943 

  SDS Films, co-extrusion, tie-layer, impact modifier, and compounding
SP2413  16.5 MA   0.6  0.940  

  SDS  Films, tie-layer, impact modifier, shrink tubing, and compounding 
SP2205 20.0 MA 2.0 0.941 

  SDS Co-extrusion, compounding, impact modifier, blow molding, and extrusion coating
SP2255 17.0 MA 2.1 0.942 

  SDS Thin, soft blown or cast films, medical packaging
SP2260 24.0 MA 2.1 0.944 

  SDS Laminations, tie layers, compounding, impact modifier, and heat-seal applications
SP2404  18.5 MA 2.5  0.941  

  SDS Blown and cast films, flexible packaging, tie-Layer, compatibilizer 
SP2207 20.0 MA 6.0 0.941 

  SDS Extrusion coating, tie layers, and master batch
SP2403 24.0 MA 6.5 0.945 

  SDS Co-extrusion, tie layers, compounding, and laminations
SP2409 20.0 MA 8.0 0.941 

  SDS Films, co-extrusion, tie-layer, impact modifier, and compounding
SP2268 24.0 MA 10.0 0.945 

  SDS Injection molding, compounding, and laminations
SP2220 20.0 MA 20.0 0.941 


  SDS Extrusion coating of fabrics and irregular surfaces, and injection molding
EBAC® Acrylate Resins
Grade  Acrylate %  MI  Density   Data Sheet   SDS  Application
SP1802 22.5 BA 0.5 0.927 

  SDS Blown film, compounding and co-extrusion
SP2810  16.0 BA  1.4  0.924  

  SDS Blown film, compounding and co-extrusion 
SP1806 17.5 BA 7.3  0.925 

  SDS Extrusion coating, laminating, compounding
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