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Specialty Polymers Low Density Linear Low Density
EPOLENE® EMAC® and EBAC® Acrylate Resins EMAC+® and EBAC+® Blocked Copolymers ELEVATE® Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymers MXSTEN® Plastomers TYMAX® Grafted Tie-Layer Polymers
Products :: Specialty Polymers Specialty Polymers Westlake’s Specialty Polymers business is focused on flexibility and diversification.  Through our emphasis on research and development we continue to engineer new resins to meet the demanding needs of today’s and tomorrow’s innovative applications.  We offer an extensive line of ethylene acrylate and vinyl acetate copolymers (EVA, EnBA, and EMA), maleated tie layer resins (TYMAX® GT), lower density PE plastomer’s (MXSTEN® CV) and specialty 0.946 medium density extrusion coating resins.  The Specialty Polymers business is constantly growing and we are continuing to expand our portfolio.  Take a look at what’s new.
  • EPOLENE®  low molecular weight PE and PP for adhesives, wax modifiers, flow promoters, board coating 

  • EMAC®/EBAC® acrylate Resins

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