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LDPE Tubular

Grade  MI Density  Application
EF601 0.25 0.919 Heavy duty bags, shipping sacks, industrial shrink, sheeting
EF602 0.6 0.919 Heavy duty bags, shipping sacks, industrial shrink
EF603 1.2 0.919 Heavy duty refuse bags, liners, industrial shrink
EF606 2.2 0.919 General purpose liners, multiwall, industrial liners, and foam
EF706  2.3 0.923  General purpose film, industrial liners, and foam
EF677 7.0 0.919 High drawdown garment bags, laundry and dry cleaning
EF608 9.5 0.919 Compounding base resin, color concentrates, additives, masterbatches, foam

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