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Family of EPOLENE® Polymers

Westlake Chemical Corporation offers a series of medium to low molecular weight polyethylene or polypropylene polymers under the EPOLENE® trade name.


They are useful in the plastics industry as lubricants for PVC, processing aids, mold release agents, dispersion aids, and coupling agents.

They are also widely used as base polymers for hot-melt adhesives and pavement-striping compounds as well as petroleum wax modifiers for use in candles, investment casting, cable filling, and various paperboard coatings.

Numerous types of EPOLENE® polymers are available, and properties can be selected to fit various processing operations.


Many of these polymers meet U.S. FDA food additive regulations for various applications.


EPOLENE® Pellets

Broad range of physical properties for multitude of applications.

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